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Scoping Out The Crowds At Cattleack Barbecue, Home Of North Dallas' Best Brisket

Good meat is always worth the wait

The middle of a nondescript industrial park seems like an unlikely place for a restaurant, let alone a popular barbecue joint that regularly draws lines out of the door. But Cattleack Barbecue crushes these misconceptions, despite only being open on Thursdays and Fridays.

The restaurant's doors open at 10:30, attracting customers immediately with the scent of smoked meats wafting from the outside smoker. By 11:30, at least two dozen people can be found patiently waiting outside, with more people arriving from the near by offices.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, a child's voice could be heard yelling something to the effect of: "We're always standing in line for barbecue sauce!" foretelling delicious things to come that are obviously worth waiting for.

Eater photographer Kathy Tran caught the scene on a Friday afternoon at 11 a.m.