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Where Dallas’ Best Chefs & Restaurateurs Eat Barbecue

Who better to ask?

Chef-approved ribs and brisket sandwiches await
Chef-approved ribs and brisket sandwiches await
Kathy Tran [EDFW]
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When it comes to barbecue, everyone has their own unique preferences and requirements for what exactly constitutes the best smoked meat. Still, the technical aspect of barbecue cannot be undersold. It takes a great deal of training and care to produce excellent barbecue, and that’s something that Dallas chefs know a thing or two about.

Which begs the question: Where do Dallas' chefs eat barbecue? The answers, just like the cuisines of the chefs surveyed, are remarkably diverse. Perhaps you’ll be able to take pride in the fact that you enjoy ribs at the same spot as a culinary legend, or maybe you can start staking out these smokehouses for a glimpse of Dallas’ chefs in the wild.

Matt Dallman, 18th & Vine

"I love going into Off The Bone BBQ, seeing Mr. Harvey & his family hustling some BBQ. It's also a great spot to stop in after a concert for some late night smokey treats."

Robert Espinosa, Tacodeli

"BBQ in Dallas falls into the "good problem to have" when you consider how good the ‘cue is here.  We've really enjoyed the pit work at Lockhart Smokehouse. For me it is always about the brisket and they do their craft well at this Oak Cliff joint."

Melody Bishop, LARK On The Park

"Dennis and I will frequent Babb Bros. BBQ. It's close and easy to take home. And great! But Lockhart is not much further and so good. We usually go there for an afternoon of gluttonous delight. Pork ribs from Babb’s and amazing brisket from Lockhart."

Erin McKool, Start

"When it comes to BBQ, I'm bored by chains and uninspired by gourmet attempts at brisket. Don't even get me started on vegan barbecue. Up the street from Start on Greenville Avenue is Frank Hart's Back Country Bar-B-Q, the most delicious, authentic barbecue experience I've ever had. They smoke their meats in-house, lending a delicious aroma to the dining room, begging to be tempered by an ice-cold beer.  Their juicy chopped brisket is hands-down my all-time favorite!  Someone obviously spends a lot of time trimming the fat, leaving you with a perfect plate of ultra-tender, moist brisket, served sliced or chopped."

Abraham Salum, Salum

"I like Off The Bone BBQ. Dwight Harvey does a great job. I think his ribs are sweet and flavorful, the brisket is always tender and fresh, not over smoked. And I love the coleslaw with a bit of bleu cheese and crispy bacon!"

Robert Lyford, Patina Green

"Smoked sausage, ribs, and sliced brisket off the point with pickles, jalapenos, and onions at Hutchins BBQ. No sides, no bread, no sauce. Those things just get in the way."

Kirstyn Brewer, Victor Tangos

"I really like The Slow Bone! I love that there is a large variety of sides that all have care behind them. I'm also a big fan of their fried chicken."

Daniele Puleo, CiboDivino Marketplace

"Favorite BBQ for me is Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff. I love their brisket, tender and cooked to perfection. Also, their ribs are second to none. Great slaw and beans as well"