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Downtown’s Pho Colonial Shutters, Will Be Replaced By New Noodle Spot

Pho is a must for downtown

So long, Pho Colonial.
So long, Pho Colonial.
Pho Colonial/Facebook
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If you’ve found yourself slurping down a bowl of noodles at Pho Colonial in Downtown a few times a week for lunch, today may very well be a sad day. CultureMap Dallas reports that the Main St eatery has officially shuttered. Fortunately, though, it will be replaced by even more noodles.

According to CultureMap’s Teresa Gubbins, Pho Colonial will be replaced by Sapa House, a brand new Vietnamese restaurant conceived Kenzo Tran, owner of Fort Worth’s Pho District, and Long Nguyen. Sapa House will, of course, still continue to serve scratch-made pho, but will also focus on an expanded Vietnamese menu that focuses on regional favorites.

Look forward to dishes inspired by the restaurant’s namesake, a city in Vietnam, like grilled pork with pickled young mango. Banh mi and pho will be on offer for the lunch crowd, as will bubble tea.

Most excitingly, Sapa House will be open until midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and will keep the doors open until 3 a.m. on the weekends. Considering Dallas’ dearth of high-quality late night options, a bowl of steaming noodles will be an excellent addition to Downtown.

Sapa House is expected to open in July, though no concrete opening date has been set just yet. Stay tuned for more details.