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Paschall Bar Brings Tiki Cocktails To Denton Just In Time For Summer

Cool off with an island-inspired libation

Tiki drinks are both festive and delicious
Tiki drinks are both festive and delicious
Shaina Sheaff

Behind a hidden door, up a steep staircase (and through another door) awaits Paschall Bar, a beloved local Denton hideaway. This charming watering hole sits on the third story of a building, on top of Andy’s Bar. In their fifth Summer of operation, Paschall Bar has decided to dip their toes into the trending Tiki pool.

Owned by members of legendary local band Midlake, Paschall Bar offers creatively curated craft cocktails in one of the most alluring environments in town. The walls are lined with vintage books and art, there is a chess board on one of the tables. If you catch the bar at dusk right before the sun sets, you’re in for one of the most sultry views downtown Denton has to offer, especially when paired with a drink.

Let’s face it, the weather right now is unbearable - and it’s only going to get hotter. "Tiki can be year round, especially in Texas," bar manager Jeremy Dean says. And what better to cool off with than a delicious, intricate, boozy cocktail?

Dean and his team of libation-loving mixologists are adding six new and fresh tiki cocktails to their already innovative menu. Three of the drink offerings are classic tiki cocktails: Jungle Bird, Singapore Sling, and Castaway. The remaining three were created by Dean and crew.

Bartender Aurora Arellano crafted the Don + Vic cocktail, named after two of the founding fathers of tiki, Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt of Don the Beachcomber and Victor Bergeron of Trader Vic’s. Arellano included ingredients that the two used frequently, including dark rum, absinthe, and orgeat. Gosling's black rum gives the Don + Vic a fragrant aroma sensation and is garnished with mint and a cherry folded and poked between a lime slice.

"Cocktails are so serious," Arellano says, "and I appreciate that and I enjoy that, but it’s nice to play around with a ton of different ingredients. It’s fun and it makes everyone smile."

The Paschall will kick off their foray into the tiki world with an unveiling party on Thursday, June 30. Denton isn't generally the most tropical of places – at least not in any respect outside of this ungodly heat – but these fruity cocktails will transport you to the islands. If only for a moment.