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John Tesar Is (Of Course) Writing A Steakhouse Inspired Cookbook

It just makes sense

Tesar makes his first foray into the world of cookbooks
Tesar makes his first foray into the world of cookbooks
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It’s been largely quiet in the world of Chef John Tesar as of late. After his recent departure from The Royale, Oak, and other Apheleia Restaurant Group concepts he was affiliated with, Tesar appears to have taken a break from the high-profile social media rants and opening up a new restaurant every few weeks.

Which could have a lot to do with the fact that he’s busy writing his own cookbook. In an interview with the Dallas Observer, Tesar briefly mentions that he is working on a book tentatively titled Knife: How To Bring The Steakhouse To Your Home.

It’s long been known that Tesar was planning to publish a collection of recipes. The project was tragically sidelined with the death of Joshua Ozersky, former Esquire food writer and Tesar’s co-author on the project. Tesar has since chosen Jordan Mackay, who co-wrote barbecue master Aaron Franklin’s James Beard Award-winning smoke manifesto, to complete the cookbook.

The cookbook is but a brief blip in Tesar’s interview with the Observer, which mostly focuses on his life after the Leslie Brenner rant heard ‘round the world. "All of this is like a kinder, gentler person," he told the Observer's Taylor Danser. "But I’m still me, and unless you really know me, the public never gets to experience that, which is why I did want to write a cookbook."

Tesar’s cookbook is due out next year.