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Grabbagreen Will Bring Gluten-Free, Fast Casual Fare To Dallas From Arizona

Health nuts, rejoice

Smoothies + more gluten-free eats abound at Grabbagreen
Smoothies + more gluten-free eats abound at Grabbagreen
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

It’s no secret that Dallas’ favorite foods – burgers, tacos, barbecue – generally can’t be classified as healthy. Which means that it’s important to have lighter options for those moments when you really shouldn’t shove yet another burger into your face for lunch.

As such, get excited for the arrival of Grabbagreen, an Arizona export known for its “fresh and healthy alternative to fast food.” The fare here is prepared fresh, and features dishes like “grain and green based bowls,” smoothies, and acai bowls. For those with dietary restrictions, the entire menu is gluten-free, and each option includes nutrition information for folks watching their macros.

The first outpost of Grabbagreen will land at 3715 Gaston Ave, giving the area surrounding Baylor Hospital a new dining option that isn’t fast food. Two most locations of the restaurant are expected to pen over the next few years.

Grabbagreen is expected to arrive in East Dallas this fall.