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Klink Brings On Demand Booze Delivery To Plano

You never have to leave the house again

Klink brings the liquor store to your home.
Klink brings the liquor store to your home.
Phil Renaud/Flickr
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The only thing that’s better than drinking an excellent cocktail is having its ingredients delivered directly to your door. Thanks to the proliferation of booze delivery services like Minibar, it’s easier than ever to be an anti-social boozehound. Next month, a new service called Klink will toss its hat into the ring.

Announced via release, Klink will partner with Total Wine & More to deliver beer, wine, and spirits directly to the doors of lucky Plano residents. The service can be used via app or website, and “thousands” of products will be available for delivery with no additional markup.

Lazy drinkers pay a flat $5 delivery fee, and can expect the booze at their doors within one hour. Klink first launched in Florida and Washington D.C., and has been serving the Dallas area for nearly a year.

The service will officially launch in Plano on July 1st.