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Chef David Fingerman IN At Madrina

Perhaps third time's the charm?

Kyla Davidson [EDFW]
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In its short life, Madrina has seen a great deal of change. When the restaurant opened, Chef Kyle McClelland was to oversee the menu of French-inspired, interior Mexican cuisine. McClelland left, and then came along Chef Julio Peraza, who earned D Magazine’s Restaurant of the Year award and a few mixed reviews. Now, Madrina has a new chef in charge.

D Magazine reports that Chicago’s David Fingerman has moved to Dallas to take over the restaurant. Fingerman comes from Graham Eliot Bistro, where he served as executive chef under celebrity chef and MasterChef judge Graham Eliot. As for Peraza, a statement from Misery Loves Company says that he will “focus on family.”

Fingerman will revamp Madrina’s menu, adding dishes like a horchata “pot au creme” and double-cut pork chop served with potato puree and tomatillo relish. A Craigslist ad posted to Madrina’s Facebook page suggests that Fingerman is currently on the hunt for a sous chef and cooks to round out the new kitchen staff.


4216 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX (469) 513-2505