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Katy Trail Ice House Faces $1 Million Lawsuit Over Texas-OU Weekend Melee

The incident occurred after last year's game

Katy Trail Ice House in more peaceful times
Katy Trail Ice House in more peaceful times
Katy Trail Ice House/Facebook
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If you’ve lived in Dallas long enough to experience your first Red River Shootout, you know that things can get pretty crazy in the city when it’s flooded with University of Texas and University of Oklahoma football fans.

After last year’s game, though, things got really out of hand at Katy Trail Ice House. The Dallas Morning News reports that an Oklahoma man is suing the bar after a scuffle last year in which he ended up arrested and walked away (ouch) with a torn Achilles tendon.

Despite hailing from Texas’ more northerly neighbor, plaintiff Sam Simon was not in town for the football-related festivities, but to scope out a spot for his own booth at the State Fair of Texas.

From there, Simon and his son Patrick went to Katy Trail Ice House for appetizers and beers. The fight began when a busboy "muttered something under his breath," which led to a bouncer being called over to the table, a beer slammed onto the ground, and more chaos. After allegedly being accused of racism by one bouncer, off-duty police officers intervened, which is when the injury to Simon’s Achilles tendon occurred.

Both Simon and his son initially escaped the melee without charges, but both were arrested moments later for public intoxication after arguing with police officers. After an overnight stay in jail, the case was dismissed. Still, Simon’s alleges that injuries sustained during the brawl left him unable to walk for more than six months.

Simon seeks $1 million from Katy Trail Ice House for damages and time spent off work. Eater has reached out to the bar for comment, and will update this post when more details become available.

Katy Trail Ice House

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