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Motto Sushi Slings Sick Beats & Sashimi In Denton

EDM and yellowtail go together perfectly.

Motto Sushi, Denton
Denton’s newest sushi spot.
Motto Sushi/Facebook

Bask in the ambiance, Denton. You can now get karaoke with your weeknight sushi, and conveniently on the downtown square. Karaoke not your thing? Come on Friday or Saturday evenings for hip-hop and dance nights. Eschewing the chill vibe of your favorite sushi house, Motto Sushi is keeping things lit.

The second location of this popular sushi spot opened just a few weeks ago, taking over the location that previously housed Service Industry, a bar that closed this past February. Its predecessor, Sushi Motto opened its first location on Loop 288 in Denton in 2013. Previously named J Sushi, owners Brian Lee and Richard Kim were forced to change their name due to another business registering their name within the state.

"There will be a few differences here and there," says manager David Gelett about the menus, "mostly with the lunch specials." The main difference will be the fact that you can get your groove on at the new downtown location while ordering sashimi and most likely not be judged all the while. The space also offers a full bar, because Denton.

Denton hip hop label owner Marcus Washington is helping Motto Sushi Bar with booking and bringing people in on the weekends. Earlier this year they had an album release party for Denton rapper Gas House Smitty. Washington says to look out for more events like that, DJ sets, and other dance nights.

Should you find yourself looking for a reason to drive to Denton, Motto Sushi seems like as good an excuse as any.