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John Tesar’s Pimento Cheese Burger Is Declared One Of Texas’ Best

All hail the king of meat

Pimento Cheese Burger, Knife Dallas
The #4 burger in all of Texas
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In Dallas, it’s no secret that Chef John Tesar makes one of the best burgers in town. Even if you don’t have the cash to spend on a ribeye that’s been dry-aged for 365 days, the selection of burgers at Knife, Tesar’s shrine to beef in The Highland, is unmatched. Now, a new ranking of the state’s best burgers confirms what everyone in Dallas already knew.

Texas Monthly’s ranking of Texas’ 50 best burgers doesn't hit newsstands until later this week, but over the weekend, copies of the August issue began hitting subscribers’ mailboxes. Once he got wind of the news, Tesar took to social media to celebrate his meaty victory.

Local food writer Mike Hiller was part of the team of food writers given the artery-clogging task of ranking Dallas’ burgers. According to Hiller, he and Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn sampled more than 100 burgers from across DFW, and only eight made the final cut. The full ranking is expected to be released later this week,

This isn’t Dallas’ first appearance at the top of Texas Monthly’s list of best burgers. Seven years ago – the last time Texas Monthly released their rankings – Chef Brian Luscher’s burger at The Grape was declared the #1 burger in Texas. In this year’s rankings, the #1 spot was claimed by San Antonio’s Folc for its pork belly-topped brisket burger.

Stay tuned for a complete list of Dallas’ entries on the list.