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Dallas Genghis Grill Employee Canned For Allegedly Refusing To Serve Police Officers

Bad move.

Genghis Grill didn't start the fires for Dallas police.
Genghis Grill didn't start the fires for Dallas police.
Genghis Grill/Facebook
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In the aftermath of the July 7 shooting that took the lives of five Dallas police officers, the city’s restaurants have banded together to unequivocally "back the blue." But at the Greenville Avenue location of Genghis Grill, one employee wasn't being quite so supportive.

WFAA reports that a group of Dallas police officers was refused service at the Genghis Grill on Greenville Avenue yesterday. When the group approached an employee to secure a table during lunch, the employee reportedly told the group that “their presence may frighten other customers.”

The story quickly began to spread across social media and news outlets across the country, inspiring outrage and prompting the chain to fire the employee responsible for turning the officers away. Read the full statement below:

A manager at the Greenville Avenue outpost told WFAA that Officer Michael Krol, a victim of the July 7 shootings, was a familiar regular at the restaurant.