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Uber Eats Massively Fails At Delivering Pecan Lodge Barbecue By Drone

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Did you get a sandwich? Probably not.

This could be you but UberEats playin'
This could be you but UberEats playin'
Garrett Hall [EDFW]
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It’s been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Which is likely what happened when Uber Eats decided to get ambitious and deliver one of Dallas’ most popular dishes via drone. Which seems like a great idea in theory, but the execution didn’t quite work out the way they’d planned.

This morning, UberEats announced that it would deliver brisket sandwiches and mac & cheese from Deep Ellum's Pecan Lodge to 300 lucky, quick-fingered users. Those diners would also have access to a party on Thursday night that would feature free Uber rides to the event and (of course) more Pecan Lodge barbecue.

Unfortunately, Uber Eats seriously underestimated the demand for the drone-delivered smoked meats, which exceeded both the amount of food they’d ordered from Pecan Lodge and the number of drivers needed to deliver it. Users who were unable to place an order took to social media to fire off tweets at the beloved barbecue joint.

The restaurant quickly responded by demanding an apology from UberEats:

As of one hour ago, Uber DFW’s Twitter account still claimed that orders were available, but has not yet addressed the issues experienced by users.

Did you get a Pecan Lodge sandwich or just give up? Share your experience in the comments.