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Donald Trump Will Never Know The Joy Of Pecan Lodge Brisket

He’s got a Dallas-based voicemail hacker to thank

Pecan Lodge Beef Rib
Too big for Trump’s tiny hands.
Robert Strickland
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In what’s already been a rough week for the folks at Pecan Lodge, a mean-spirited prankster caused some trouble for the Dallas barbecue institution over the weekend, and the folks at Pecan Lodge ain’t happy about it.

According to a post on Pecan Lodge’s Facebook page, a "very ignorant, disturbed" person hacked into the restaurant’s voicemail account and recorded a message full of racial slurs and pro-Trump slogans. Scope out the full details below:

Pecan Lodge quickly deleted the message. "There is too much hate. Too much ignorance. Too much intolerance," reads a comment from the restaurant. "I’ll tell y’all something else – the nonsense about Trump in his message? Trump would only eat at PL over my dead body. #nevertrump."

Ouch. Considering that Pecan Lodge’s massive beef ribs would dwarf Trump’s notoriously diminutive digits, it’s probably best that Trump stay away from Pecan Lodge. At least until after November.

Pecan Lodge

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