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New Food Truck Brings Authentic Belgian Waffles On Wheels To Dallas

Authentic Liege-style waffles are on the way

Press Waffle Co.’s House Favorite Waffle
Press Waffle Co.’s House Favorite, topped with strawberries & Nutella
Press Waffle Co.
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Dallas has plenty of food trucks, but not one focuses on the single most perfect breakfast food on the planet – fluffy Belgian waffles. That is, of course, until Press Waffle Co. rolls onto the scene.

A project of waffle enthusiasts Bryan and Caleb Lewis, Press Waffle Co. is currently raising cash to open Dallas’ first food truck (or eatery!) dedicated to serving authentic Belgian waffles. With just 17 days left in their campaign, the Lewis brothers have already raised more than $4,000 of the $10,000 they need to open their mobile eatery.

Co-owner Bryan Lewis first stumbled onto Liege-style Belgian waffles while traveling through Europe with his wife, and quickly became a devotee. Unlike the "Belgian" waffles you’ll find at chain breakfast joints, Liege style waffles have a cake-y interior similar to brioche interspersed with clusters of caramelized sugar pearls.

Press Waffle Co. has plans to debut in Fall 2016 whether or not the Kickstarter is fully funded – a truck has already been purchased – but notes that the funds will help the fledgling waffle slingers stay afloat in those notoriously tough first few months.