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Lake Highland Creamery's First Brick & Mortar Will Soon Start Scooping

The East Dallas fave sets down roots

A bright & cheery interior for the new Lake Highlands Creamery.
A bright & cheery interior for the new Lake Highlands Creamery.
Lake Highlands Creamery/Facebook
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In today's dose of extremely exciting dessert news, Lake Highlands Creamery has officially moved into its new brick and mortar home at 9660 Audelia Rd. According to a post on its official Facebook page, the much-anticipated new ice cream shop began quietly slinging scoops over the holiday weekend.

A little less than a year ago, Lake Highlands Creamery owner Sean Brockette announced that he’d found a permanent home for his artisanally-churned ice creams. An official opening date has not yet been set, but this past weekend the shop opened to “stress test” the new staff with a limited menu of flavors like vanilla Heath bar and triple chocolate.

The storefront is a project two years in the making for Brockette. Prior to opening the storefront, Brockette would sling his creamy wares via pop-up events and local markets, along with a selection of ice cream bars (like the potato chip & sprinkle-crusted Mother Lode) in the cooler case at Luscher’s Red Hots.

On July 3, an updated post from Lake Highlands Creamery suggests that the shop is not quite ready to open the doors just yet, but will reopen next weekend for more training and (most importantly) tasting opportunities. Stay tuned for an official opening date.