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Where Victor Tangos Chef Kirstyn Brewer Eats Burgers, Dim Sum + More In Dallas

This chef knows what's up

Victor Tangos' Chef Kirstyn Brewer
Victor Tangos' Chef Kirstyn Brewer
Victor Tangos
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Generally, you can find Chef Kirstyn Brewer in the kitchen at Victor Tangos, serving up her unique blend of Latin and Asian cuisines. But when the shift is over, like the rest of us, Brewer heads to one of her favorite Dallas haunts for the city’s best burgers, dim sum, and sushi.

In this installment of Where Chefs Eat, Brewer dishes on her favorite spots to dine in the wee hours of the morning, where to score an excellent roof-top cocktail, and her thoughts on the city’s finest pizza.

Favorite burger?

I tend to favor a more fast food style burger, and for that, I have to go with Off-Site Kitchen. I love the Locals Only with bacon and yellow mustard.

What's Dallas' best hidden gem?

My favorite hidden gem in Dallas comes down to a tie between Kalachandji's and Palapas. Margaritas and ceviche at Palapas really hit the spot during the summer months.”

Where do you go for great Chinese food?

Favorite Chinese spot would have to be Royal Sichuan in Richardson. Everything is amazing: Ma pao tofu, cumin lamb, green beans, fish in fiery broth, Dan Dan noodles. That Szechuan pepper is addictive!

Favorite post-shift eats?

Gemma is my go-to for post-shift dinner. It's a block from where I live and they have duck fried rice and rose on tap. Yes please.

Where's the best Dallas restaurant to drop a big chunk of change?

Tei Tei or Tei-An. The quality is always more than worth it.

Go-to breakfast or brunch spot?

If we make it to brunch on a Sunday, it's Kirin Court for dim sum. Go with a bunch of people so you can try everything from the carts and order the sautéed garlic pea leaves from the kitchen!

Where do you like to drink, and what's your poison?

If the weather permits, I'll be having a frozen Double Under on the HG Sply Co. rooftop. Otherwise it's Midnight Rambler, where I'll try whatever new creation they've come up with. Aside from that, my go to cocktail at the moment is a simple daiquiri with Jamaican pot still rum.

Dallas' best pizza?

Cane Rosso. I don't think it's on the menu right now, but I'm a sucker for the Motorino. You can't go wrong with broccoli rabe, sausage, and Calabrian chile. Then, of course, the cookie butter pizza for dessert!