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Monkey King Noodle Company Starts Slinging Noodles In Its New Deep Ellum Home

Finally, a seat indoors

Monkey King Noodle Company's new Deep Ellum location
She’s a beaut.
Courtesy Andrew Chen
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Considering that it’s too damn hot to be on the sidewalk for even the most delicious of reasons, the arrival of Monkey King Noodle Company’s brand new brick and mortar home comes none too soon.

Starting today, owner Andrew Chen tells Eater that Monkey King Noodle Company will softly kick open the doors just in time for lunch today. The former noodle stand recently ceased evening service in order to begin the big move over to the new kitchen.

The new Monkey King Noodle Company location will feature an expanded menu – including potstickers and stir-fry dishes made with seasonal produce – in keeping with the original’s street food style. Beer and wine will be on offer, in addition to a patio space perfect for sipping a glass of rose and slurping.

The MKNC soft-opening kicks off at 11 a.m. and goes until 10 p.m., which means that you won’t have to hope to catch those all-too-brief lunch hours in order to enjoy your favorite bowl of noodles in its shiny new habitat.

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