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Bon Appetit Named Trompo’s Non-Existent Al Pastor Taco The Best In The Country

Don't mess with Texas' tacos

Trompo - Dallas
That isn’t al’s trompo.
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

With the release of their 50 Best New Restaurants list, Bon Appetit made the most egregious of errors: screwing up a Texan’s taco.

Yesterday, taco enthusiast and writer Jose R. Ralat (better known to some as @TacoTrail) noticed a curious typo related to Trompo, the only Dallas restaurant to make the list. According to Bon Appetit, this year’s "Taco of the Year" went to Trompo’s al pastor, which unfortunately does not exist.

The Dallas Observer’s City of Ate Twitter account noticed Ralat’s tweet, and pointed out the mistake to Julia Kramer and Andrew Knowlton, the Bon Appetit writers responsible for putting the list together.

Kramer quickly responded, saying that the magazine had contacted Trompo owner Luis Olvera to clarify, and has since updated the error.