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Chef John Tesar’s Knife Burger Heads To Legacy Hall With The Ozersky In Tow

Praise the burger gods

Pimento Cheese Burger, Knife Dallas
The Pimento Cheese burger will be on offer, too.
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The line-up at forthcoming Plano food hall Legacy Hall continues to get even stronger. Alongside offerings from Chef Matt McCallister and Monkey King Noodle Company’s Andrew Chen, Chef John Tesar is throwing his famed burgers into the mix.

Announced via release, Tesar will open Knife Burger, a quick-service burger (duh) counter inside Legacy Hall. The Hall isn’t slated for opening until next year, but one thing’s for sure – Tesar will be bringing the award-winning Ozersky Burger from Knife to the concept.

“We’ll serve the basic Ozersky, the pimento cheese burger, the Magic burger, and probably some version of a patty melt,” Tesar tells Eater. “We’re the only hamburger in the place, and we’ve got a great spot in front of the bar.”

As far as what the concept will look like, Tesar compares it to Ten Ramen, Chef Teiichi Sakurai’s popular standing room only noodle spot at Sylvan Thirty. “It’s like Ten in the sense that we’ll just be taking up 350 square feet, you’ll come up and order your burger on the iPad, and we’ll call you.” He hasn’t decided exactly how diners will be notified that their burger is ready, but does note that it will be creative, so don’t expect any boring numbered table tents.

Legacy Hall and Knife Burger alike are slated for a Summer 2017 opening.

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