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Feast Your Eyes On Dallas’ Most Stunning Whole Roasted Fish

Forget everything you think you know about catfish

Whether you love or hate a fried, cornmeal-dipped filet, the whole baked catfish at Saigon Block ain’t your average flathead fish. Here, the catfish are baked to perfection and embellished with enough fresh garnishes to feed your entire family a vibrant, and dare we say it, healthy meal.

Ca nuong da don is a classic Vietnamese dinner, perfect for sharing with a group of friends or your hungry family. At Saigon Block, you’ll frequently see folks crowded around the table with bottles of booze brought from home, drinking and sharing the fish. Available in three sizes, this show-stopping dinner is ridiculously budget-friendly, clocking in at around $12-$15 per person if you bring a party of four.

Baked for 45 minutes and garnished with enough accoutrements to constitute an entire dinner in their own right, this whole roasted catfish is the kind of plate that's worth the wait. Eater photographer Kathy Tran caught a glimpse into the making of this stunning and fresh catfish dish at one of the city's best Vietnamese restaurants.

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