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OMFG: Shake Shack Will Open Its First Dallas Outpost September 1 [UPDATED]

Don’t hyperventilate.

After a wait that has been far, far too long, Shake Shack is officially inching closer toward its Dallas debut.

Shake Shack has set September 1 as the arrival date for the NYC-based burger chain’s location at the Crescent Hotel. Last month, it was reported that Shake Shack was planning to open in later the fall, but a tipster tells Eater that the space has been looking "close" to completion for some time, and an opening before the end of summer seems likely.*

The Crescent location is the first of two Dallas-area Shake Shacks that will open in the coming months. The second outpost, planned for Plano’s Legacy West development, is not scheduled to open until 2017. Perhaps the Plano restaurant will also open more quickly than expected.

As such, it’s time to rejoice. No one’s going to blame you if you take the rest of the afternoon off to bask in this delicious burger news.

Shake Shack Lands In Dallas Fall 2016 [EDFW]

UPDATE: This post originally said that Shake Shack would be open before the end of August. That was an unconfirmed statement, and we’ve changed the post to reflect that.

UPDATE #2: GuideLive reports that Shake Shack will open on Thursday, September 1. This post has been updated to reflect that change. Prepare for epic lines, Uptown.

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