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Neiman Marcus Will Sell You Six Dozen Fancy Tamales For $110

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The luxury retailer has officially lost their damn minds

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Neiman Marcus tamales
The offending tamales
Neiman Marcus
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Tamales aren’t generally what one thinks of as a “luxury” food. Sure, you can find swanky versions of this classic Mexican favorite on menus across the city, but none are as expensive as Dallas-based Neiman Marcus’ take on the dish.

As My San Antonio reported yesterday, you can currently order a bundle of six dozen tamales made with the protein of your choice (chicken, beef, pork, or an assortment) for the low, low price of just $92, plus $18 in shipping from the legendary Dallas retailer’s website.

Compared to $15 for a dozen of La Popular’s famous tamales, you’re still spending quite a bit more for the Neiman Marcus version once shipping is factored in. But that isn’t the only overpriced Tex-Mex fare that Neiman Marcus offers — you can also score an “enchilada dinner” (in which you receive twelve enchiladas) for $72.

If you’ve actually tried these $110 tamales, drop us a line in the comments and let us know how it feels to actually eat money.