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Watermelon Kegs Filled With An Entire Bottle Of Tequila Return To Truck Yard

Who doesn’t want 12-15 margaritas shoved inside a melon?

Good idea or bad idea?
Truck Yard

Just in time for late summer boozing, the Truck Yard on Lower Greenville has brought back one of their most popular hangovers waiting to happen.

This weekend, you can score an watermelon that’s been carved out and turned into a keg filled with lemon, orange liqueur, and (most importantly) an entire bottle of tequila. A spigot shoved into the melon allows booze enthusiasts to tap their own watermelon margaritas.

You’ll need at least three friends to order this "redneck bottle service," filled with 12 to 15 individual margaritas. As such, it might be a good idea to bring a few more folks to avoid getting so lit that you can’t tell the Uber driver how to get your drunk ass home.

Truck Yard’s watermelon kegs will be available on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28 until the bar runs out. Each melon will run you $70, but the Instagrams you’ll be able to share? Priceless.

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