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Mitsuwa Marketplace, The Japanese Supermarket Of Your Dreams, Heads To Plano

Tea, macarons, ramen, and groceries — what else do you need?

Mitsuwa Marketplace in Irvine, CA
Mitsuwa Marketplace in Irvine, CA
Mitsuwa Marketplace/Facebook
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Thanks to the remarkably diverse population of the DFW metroplex, you can hit up a specialized supermarket of your choosing – Korean, Chinese, Indian, or Mexican – any damn time you like. But what has been missing is an epic Japanese grocer, and that’s all about to change.

Announced via release, Mitsuwa Marketplace will make its Texas debut at 100 Legacy Drive in Plano.. The 25,000+ square foot supermarket will, in addition to a massive selection of Japanese staples like Kewpie mayo and Pocky, will also have a food court similar to the one you’d find at H-Mart or Hong Kong Market.

Tenants for Mitsuwa Marketplace’s food court include noodle stall Ramen Santouka, tea shop Matcha LOVE, and tempura bowl spot Kaneko Hannosuke, known for its crispy-fried veg and proteins that inspire lengthy lines at its original Tokyo outpost.

At present, Mitsuwa Marketplace is slated for a “late 2016” opening.

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