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Arlington Denny’s Serves Man Raw Chicken, Calls Police On Him For Complaining About It


Not cool, Denny's
Not cool, Denny's
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Last night, an Arlington man was dining at a local Denny’s when he realized that his fried chicken meal was woefully undercooked. If that wasn’t already bad enough, the restaurant called the police on him when he refused to pay for his less than well-done bird.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Marcus Brown was served a plate of raw chicken at the Denny’s near Six Flags. When he complained about the food and refused to pay his $4.32 bill, a manager at the Denny’s called police to help her with what she described as "unruly customers."

Brown began filming the manager with this cell phone when the manager called police. Though he does use a bit of salty language, Brown is otherwise calm. "She's trying to make me pay for this shit, but the chicken's raw," Brown says in a video he posted to Twitter. "Tell ‘em how the chicken is raw. I could sue y'all really."

According to the Morning News, Arlington Police sent four officers to the restaurant after the incident. No arrests were made, and Brown says that he was not made to pay for the food in question. In a most delicious bit of irony, Denny’s is currently advertising its Love It Or It’s Free Guarantee in TV commercials and on Facebook.

Scope out video of the full incident – and see that sickeningly pink chicken for yourself – below.