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Behold Texas' First Jipangi, The Slightly NSFW Looking Ice Cream Cones You Need To Try Now

This ain't your average ice cream cone.

With the exception of click-bait items like bowls made from churros and chocolate, the standard for edible ice cream contraptions has largely been the cone. However a Korean concept known as jipangi brings a fun (and sometimes inappropriate) take on the beloved frozen treat, with Bubble Jipangi in Carrollton giving the metroplex its first taste.

Taken from the Korean word for cane, the J-shaped cone is made with a corn-based mixture filled with soft serve in either vanilla, chocolate or a combination of the two, then finished off with various fruits, toppings and Pocky sticks.

The cones are made off-site at another Dallas location, in batches of pink, green or yellow. While the traditional flavor can be described as pretty plain, Bubble Jipangi's version is similar to Cap'n Crunch, a nod to American tastes.

As jipangi cones spread across South Korea and Malaysia like wildfire, the trend also took over NYC last summer. Now, Bubble Jipangi joins some of the first to serve the creation in the States, and according to manager Jae Kim, the spot is the first jipangi shop in Texas.

Check out Eater photographer Kathy Tran’s mouth-watering visuals on how this bizarrely shaped, vaguely inappropriate confection comes together. Just try to hold in your giggles.


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