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You Can Now Have Ice Cream In A Doughnut Cone At Cow Tipping Creamery

What a wonderful world we live in.

Jeff Amador
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Ice cream is, in and of itself, a perfect confection. But since practically the beginning of time, we’ve been looking for delicious vessels in which to serve the icy, creamy treat — think churro bowls, wacky Korean jipangi, and pretzel cones. But now, it appears as if Cow Tipping Creamery has just created the perfect ice cream cone.

Starting tomorrow, the East Dallas ice cream shop will begin serving their soft serve in doughnut cones. Yup, you read that correctly. The doughnut cone started as a test — who wouldn’t want to see if you could make it work? — and eventually earned enough word-of-mouth success that Cow Tipping Creamery had to throw ‘em on the menu.

So. many. options.
Jeff Amador

According to the restaurant, the doughnut cones will “most definitely not be a permanent thing,” and only a limited number of cones will be available through Friday. If the cones are successful, they may end up on the menu this weekend. Perhaps most importantly, the cones are baked, not fried like a traditional doughnut, which means that they’re practically a health food.

You can score your very own doughnut cone Tuesday through Friday of this week for $7, which includes your choice of ice cream and two of CTC’s wacky toppings. Get there quickly — these probably won’t be around long.