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Wokk Asian Cookhouse Will Bring Locally Sourced Asian Fare To Richardson

Another hot new spot for the ever-growing ‘burb

It appears as if fresh local stir-fries will be on the menu.
Wokk Asian Cookhouse/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Richardson’s dining scene may be one of the fastest growing in DFW, evidenced by forthcoming arrivals like The Halal Guys and recently-opened spots like Jasper’s Tom+Chee, and plenty more. In the next few months, a brand new concept will throw its fresh fare into the mix.

Signage is up at 744 South Central Expressway for Wokk Asian Cookhouse, a self-described “modern Asian concept” that will offer dishes prepared in house from scratch with locally sourced produce and “all-natural protein.”

Details on the menu aren’t available just yet, but the new spot notes on its Facebook page that it will work with “local” purveyors like Wichita Falls’ Young’s Farm and Village Farms in Marfa. Perhaps more (closer) farms will be added as Wokk prepares to open its doors.

An opening date is tentatively set for “fall 2016.” Eater reached out to Wokk Asian Cookhouse via phone to no avail, but stay tuned for more updates on this fresh new addition to Richardson’s ever-bustling restaurant scene.