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A Cocktail Bar Will Open Inside Houndstooth Coffee At Sylvan Thirty

Get right, then get loaded

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First coffee, then booze
Lori Bandi/EDFW
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Austin-based coffee chain Houndstooth has long established its presence as one of the city’s finest places to caffeinate. Now, they’re getting into the booze game.

Announced via release, a cocktail bar called Jettison will open inside Houndstooth Coffee next month. The space will offer a “darker, more intimate” vibe than the adjacent coffee bar, and will feature “unique yet approachable” cocktails from bar whiz George Kaiho of Tei An and Parliament.

“My goal is to create intimate spaces for genuine connection. Whether over coffee or dinner and drinks, we want to create a table culture that is both authentic and unique,” said Houndstooth Coffee founder Sean Henry in a statement. “We want to give a particular character to our experiences at Houndstooth and Jettison -- one that speaks to the broader social aspect of being brought together in a particular moment that is both venerable and memorable.”

To launch Jettison, Houndstooth Coffee will play host to a dinner series that will pair global cuisines and booze — think Southern French cuisine & wine and Mezcal & interior Mexican. The dinner series will feature appearances from former Filament chef Cody Sharp and Whisk Creperie’s Julian Eelsen.

Jettison is set to debut on October 21. The pop-up supper series will continue through October, with the last dinner on October 24.