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Jilted Dallas Sonic Employee Punches Computer, Threatens Boss After Getting The Ax

Well, that’s one way to handle being fired.

Things got a little out of hand at the Sonic Drive-In
Mike Mozart/Flickr
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To be sure, being fired sucks. But one former carhop took it a little too far after he was fired from a Dallas Sonic Drive-In earlier this week.

The Dallas Morning News reports that 24-year-old Jeremy Hunt was fired from the Sonic Drive-In at 3700 Illinois Ave earlier this week after being accused of theft. When he was confronted with the accusation, Hunt was obviously not pleased with being given his walking papers. Hunt allegedly “flew into a rage” and threatened the manager, saying “I’ll kick your [expletive] ass” and “I know where you live.”

Hunt then punched one of the restaurant’s touch-screen computers after he clocked out from his last-ever shift. Police arrived on the scene to arrest him, and found that Hunt was currently being sought by law enforcement officials in two counties for five outstanding warrants.

Hunt has since been booked into the Dallas County Jail. No word on whether or not the computer survived the force of his angry punch.

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