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Dallas Dining Icon The French Room Will Reopen This Year

New look, new food, and an exciting young chef

Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Last summer, Downtown dining stalwart The French Room closed its doors for major renovations to its much-lauded (and outdated) dining room. Now, the restaurant plans to rise from the ashes in a big way.

The Dallas Morning News reports that The French Room has hired Chef Michael Ehlert, formerly of Front Room Tavern, to serve as the restaurant’s executive chef. As the News’ Leslie Brenner notes, Ehlert scored a coveted four-star review from the critic in his time at Front Room Tavern, and will soon bring a “modern French menu” to the old-school eatery.

“Modern” is definitely the key word here. As one of Dallas’ most old-school eateries — its dress code formerly banned jeans and featured fancy Italian tablecloths — Ehlert’s changes to The French Room’s service sound like a breath of fresh air. “"We don't want it to feel imposing; we don't want it to feel stuffy,” he told the News. “A genuine sense of warmth and welcome is absolutely essential."

Closed since June 11, 2016, The French Room underwent major renovations as part of The Adolphus Hotel’s recent facelift. The restaurant was originally scheduled to open its doors last year, but now it looks as if it will make its return at some point in Spring 2017.