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Pok The Raw Bar Brings Poké Bowls & Matcha Drinks To West Village

The poké trend has officially hit Dallas proper

Courtesy PŌK The Raw Bar

Even though other big cities are already fins deep into the poké craze, it took two 20-year-old SMU grads to finally make a dedicated poké spot happen in Dallas proper. PŌK The Raw Bar opened its doors today in West Village. Inside, raw fish (and tofu) lovers will find a very bright and modern space so full of L.A. vibes it won’t surprise anyone that its owners hail from Beverly Hills. And that’s where the poké trend is in full frenzy mode, too.

Dig deeper though, and you’ll discover more than just a couple kids jumping on a bowl-shaped bandwagon. PŌK owners Brandon Cohanim and Francois Reihani had to sell their concept, not once, but twice: to the West Village folks, but also to their sushi chef, Jimmy Park, who hails from Nobu (but originally from Hawaii).

The menu at PŌK is simple: poké bowls are available in two sizes and come in a good number of predetermined flavor combinations, or you can build your own. Each diner also chooses a base like citrus kale or “bamboo” rice (which is like regular sushi rice but is grown in bamboo so it emerges fortified with extra vitamins and minerals like chlorophyll. It’s also green.)

In addition to poke bowls, the PŌK team has developed quite the matcha menu, featuring combinations of coconut, almond and macadamia nut milks along with cacao, mint and more.

Now officially open, you’re definitely going to want to check out PŌK’s intimate raw bar. At the six-seater, Chef Park will have the freedom to craft flavors according to his whims for guests every day with a playful, “trust me” tasting menu, similar to that seen at Sugarfish in LA. It seems the idea is to sit down, let go, enjoy a bit of sake or a matcha creation, and see where the day takes you. Spoiler alert: It’s Los Angeles.