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The Plano Restaurant Boom Continues With New Burgers & Seafood

Airborne fish and lasso-wielding goats, oh my

Courtesy of Rosewood Property Company

Rodeo Goat made headlines last year for giving the Design District a taste of Dirk Nowitzki in burger form. Plano will soon also have an outpost of Rodeo Goat Ice House, a Fort Worth export that serves up creatively-topped, cheekily-named burgers with a side of Texas kitsch.

Announced via release, the new location will be in the Heritage Creekside development in Plano. The area features an actual creek (seriously, a natural creek in North Texas) and beautiful old trees, so restaurateur Shannon Wynne and his team of developers rightfully thought that the casual concepts were a good fit. “It just seemed like a burgers and fried catfish kind of place,” Wynne said in a statement.

The fried catfish will come from a new outpost of Flying Fish, a long standing Dallas chain with several locations across the metroplex. Their menus vary from location to location, but generally follow a formula of “fish, fish, and more fish, plus a few things that taste good with fish.”

No official date on when these spots will open up, but its developers currently expect that the project should be complete by late 2017. Stay tuned.