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Mockingbird Diner Will Bring Together Two Of Dallas’ Most Popular Restaurateurs

The minds behind Maple & Motor and Good 2 Go Taco are teaming up

Garrett Hall/EDFW
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Dallas’ restaurant scene might have seen a lot of upheaval as of late, but a new concept from two of the city’s most popular restaurateurs indicates that the city’s culinary stalwarts are sticking around for the long haul.

Escape Hatch Dallas reports that plans are in the works for Mockingbird Diner, a hotel restaurant concept that will bring together Maple & Motor’s Jack Perkins and Good 2 Go Taco’s Jeana Johnson. According to Perkins, Mockingbird Diner will serve “standard Texas food” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner inside the as-yet-unnamed hotel.

It’s been a busy time for both Perkins and Johnson. Earlier this year, Perkins sold majority ownership of his Design District barbecue restaurant The Slow Bone, and Johnson will serve up her last tortilla-wrapped treats at Good 2 Go Taco in East Dallas today.

No official opening timeline has yet been announced, but look for Mockingbird Diner to make its debut by the end of 2017.