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Filament Pays Some Former Employees Following Allegations of Wage Theft

At least one employee says that he’s received all back wages

RIP, Filament
Kathy Tran

After allegations of wage theft surfaced from employees of now-shuttered restaurant Filament last Friday, three of those former employees now say that Chef Matt McCallister is attempting to address the situation.

Eater reported last week claims from multiple Filament cooks and chefs that said their final paychecks were short. Formerly located in Deep Ellum, Filament closed its doors in August. Now, one of those chefs says that he has since been paid in full for his time at Filament. The chef, who asked to remain anonymous, tells Eater that McCallister also asked him for contact information for other employees who may have been shorted. The employee did not elaborate on the amount he has now received.

Eater checked in with two other employees who made allegations of wage theft last week to see whether they had received additional compensation from the restaurant since then. Justin Jett, a former line cook, says that McCallister wrote him a check for his missing funds earlier this week. That said, the cook says that McCallister told him via text message that the check was a “gift,” and is maintaining that the cook had not been underpaid for his work originally. McCallister has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

Former cook Andrew Asaff says that he has not received additional compensation, but says the chef has alleged to him that Asaff was overpaid during his time at the restaurant because payroll taxes weren’t withheld from his bi-weekly checks. McCallister sent Asaff documentation that he believes confirms this, and Asaff forwarded the spreadsheet to Eater reporters as well. Asaff questions the accuracy of that document, but does not plan to pursue the dispute any further. “Matt sent me my hours worked, everything that I wanted, that I’d been requesting since July,” he says. “They don’t super match up well with what I got paid, but I want to put it behind me.”


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