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Peasant Pizzeria to Open in November, Bringing Golden Brown Pizza Crust to Cedar Springs

The new Italian spot is setting up its wood-fired oven

Peasant Pizzeria/Facebook

What was most recently Q Tacos will soon become Dallas’ newest pizza spot. Dallas CultureMap reports that Peasant Pizzeria is moving into 3900 Cedar Springs Road, with plans to open in November. There’s already a massive wood-fired oven in the space, and Robert Colombo (formerly of Sfuzzi) promises his new Italian spot will serve pizza with a perfectly golden brown crust. The plan is to create a unique dough using a blend of flour containing dark rye and wheat germ.

Along with a dozen different pizzas, expect to find simple seafood dishes and salads and Italian cocktails that are liberal with the prosecco. Those who missed Sfuzzi’s peach bellinis will find them at Peasant Pizzeria.

The under-construction restaurant’s oven
Peasant Pizzeria/Facebook