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Feast On Fairy Dreams and Foie Gras at the French Room, Now Open In Downtown

Take a peek at the revamped restaurant’s first menu

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The French Room, post-revamp
Steven Visneau
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After an extensive renovation, The French Room at the Adolphus Hotel in Downtown Dallas has officially made its debut.

More than 16 months of revamping went into the vaunted Dallas dining room, which now sports both a modern new look and a revitalized menu courtesy of executive chef Michael Ehlert. Formerly of Front Room Tavern, Ehlert has introduced three different menus — a three-course prix fix and two tasting menus — that bring his updated take on French cuisine to what was once the grand dame of Dallas’ restaurant scene.

Ehlert’s menus at The French Room will change weekly (and daily, in some instances), but Eater snagged a first look at the restaurant’s opening menu. Diners looking to drop $135 on the tasting menu can look forward to dishes like seared foie gras and a dessert described only as “fairy dreams,” while the three-course prix fixe features more recognizable dishes like Texas wagyu ribeye and a chilled lobster salad.

Before scoring a reservation at The French Room, peek through Ehlert’s menu for the restaurant’s triumphant return.