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Legacy Hall Is Finally Ready to Open In Plano

After multiple delays, more than 30 dining options will land soon in the suburb

30 restaurants, a slide, and cocktails await
Kathy Tran/EDFW
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After months of waiting, Legacy Hall is finally ready to make its Plano debut.

The massive Plano food hall has been in the works since 2016, and multiple opening dates have already been announced, only to be pushed back. Originally expected to open on Monday, October 30, the Hall missed its updated opening date of November 6. When Eater sent photographers to shoot the space in late October, there was still a great deal of progress to be made on the dozens of food stands inside Legacy Hall.

But, it’s perhaps not surprising that a project of this magnitude would take so long to open. “Legacy Hall is the first of its kind, and it’s one of the most extraordinary food halls on the planet,” said Front Burner Restaurants president Jack Gibbons in a statement. “Conceiving, designing and building a concept of this magnitude takes a lot of work – including visits to many of the top food halls across the globe – and we can’t wait to show off the results at this incredible dining and entertainment destination.”

When it opens, Legacy Hall will be home to a number of new exciting dining options in Plano. Chef Uno Immanivong’s Red Stix will serve up yakitori and banh mi, and Chef John Tesar’s Knife Burger will offer a fast-casual take on the Ozersky and other options served at Tesar’s similarly-named steakhouse. On the sweet side, Glazed Donut Works and Press Waffle Co. will serve up desserts, while tiki bar Idol Time and Unlawful Assembly Brewing Company will keep the libations flowing.

Legacy Hall is set to debut on Wednesday, December 6 — and this time, it seems like they’re serious about sticking to that timeline.