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Austin’s Haymaker Couldn't Survive Greenville Avenue

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Was it the location or something else?


After being open for a little more than a year, Austin-based gastropub Haymaker has officially closed its doors on Greenville Avenue.

The bar announced its shutter on Facebook last week, but didn’t point to a specific reason for its closure. “Lower Greenville welcomed us with open arms and over the last 14 months we have given it our all but as of today we will be closing our doors,” reads the post. “We are very grateful to have been a part of this community here in Dallas, TX and thank you for the memories.”

The farewell post garnered over 50 comments, mostly expressing dismay at the closing of one of the neighborhood’s favorite game-watching spots, which also served solid food options including vegan fare. It’s hard to say what led to Haymaker’s demise, but the area along Greenville Avenue is rapidly gentrifying and can make or break a business with its steadily increasing rent and inflating property taxes.

One commenter said: “Heartbreaking. I'm so sorry to hear this news. Great place and amazing people.” Another was equally perplexed by the news, pointing to the traffic inside the bar. “I don't understand. Always was busy when we went there. And yet there are other places that have been going for years with little visible business.”