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Marrosso Cafe’s East African Cuisine Arrives In North Dallas

The restaurant will make its grand debut this week

Bright, veggie-packed injera rolls await
Marrosso Cafe/Facebook
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Marrosso Cafe, a family-run restaurant that will focus on the cuisines of Ethiopia and Eritrea, will make its North Dallas debut this week.

The restaurant announced its plans for a grand opening ceremony on Facebook, and will kick open the doors at 7989 Belt Line Road over the holiday weekend. Operated by husband-and-wife duo, Marrosso Cafe will serve a budget-friendly menu of traditional East African dishes along with plenty of interesting cuisine fusions, like an Eritrean riff on lasagna.

As far as the food is concerned, diners can look forward to three different types of fit-fit, a dish of shredded flatbread, berbere (a blend of spices that includes fenugreek, ginger, and powdered chiles), and clarified butter. Also on offer are frittatas mixed with proteins (like mortadella and cheese) or veggies (spinach and avocado), and injera (a sourdough flatbread that is a common fixture in Ethiopian cuisine) stuffed with lentils, veggies, meat, or spiced chickpeas.

Marrosso Cafe will debut on Saturday, December 23. Eater has reached out to the restaurant for more details on its hours of operation.