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Step Inside Steak Maven Dee Lincoln’s Plush New Frisco Steakhouse

Dee Lincoln Prime has arrived, and it’s fancy

Dallas has a long, rich tradition of over-the-top steakhouses, but the self-described queen of steak has officially outdone herself with the arrival of the brand new Dee Lincoln Prime in Frisco.

Now open at The Star in Frisco, Dee Lincoln Prime is an entirely logical addition to this shiny, Dallas Cowboys-owned development. The expansive dining room takes extensive inspiration from the luxurious aesthetic of old Hollywood, featuring dark woods, gold accents, and low-slung slatted ceilings. Banquettes covered in shimmery silver fabric and booths covered in crushed black velvet add a touch of glamour, while modern dining chairs add a midcentury touch.

The cocktail bar and sushi bar serve as focal points at Dee Lincoln Prime, where underlit cuts of top-quality fish are on display. Guests are encouraged to drink and dine while watching the sushi chef masterfully slice and prepare fish in front of their eyes. A glass-enclosed wine room, complete with a dramatic Chiluly blown glass chandelier, showcases more than 2000 bottles.

Before making the trip up to Frisco for a massive dry-aged Porterhouse, take a walk inside Dee Lincoln Prime courtesy of Eater photographer Kathy Tran.

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