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Hypnotic Donuts Rings In the New Year with Doughnuts Dipped in Real Gold and Silver

Edible gold is so hot right now

Hypnotic Donuts/Facebook

Well, this blows rainbow sprinkles right out of the water. Hypnotic Donuts, purveyor of baked goods that can only be described as works of art, will soon sell doughnuts draped in silver and gold and sweetened with a champagne glaze.

Needless to say, these are some pricey donuts. But hey, it’s much cheaper than Brooklyn’s $100 golden doughnut.

“We are rolling this out starting tomorrow,” the shop wrote on Facebook and Instagram about its new launch, which is called — what else — Big Baller Donuts. “Real gold or real silver on a yeast donut with a champagne glaze and individually boxed. $20 for gold, $15 for silver or one of each for $30.”

For anyone whose life isn’t complete without biting into a golden, champagne-flavored doughnut, it sounds like the best bet is to call the Dallas location and pay in advance to reserve a Big Baller.

Hypnotic Donuts

9007 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218 214 668 6999 Visit Website