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Chef Graham Dodds’ Lower Greenville Eatery Wayward Sons Has Closed Its Doors

The vegetable-focused spot is no more

Lori Bandi
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In what may prove to be the most devastating closure of 2017 (yes, already), Chef Graham Dodds has officially shuttered his Lower Greenville restaurant Wayward Sons.

Announced via release, Dodds announced that Wayward Sons would serve its last farm-to-table fare on Valentine’s Day. "It is truly fitting that we closed Wayward Sons on a day that revolves around love,” says co-owner Brandon Hays. “The amount of love that went into this project is unparalleled to anything I have ever done before, and I know my partners Phil and Graham feel the same way.”

For his part, Dodds says that the restaurant didn’t quite become the neighborhood staple that the team expected when it opened its doors last year. “I am looking forward to the future,” says Dodds. “And, I hope people will continue to seek out restaurants and businesses that align with these principles I hold so dear.”

When Wayward Sons opened its doors, it quickly became one of the city’s hottest new tables. In September 2016, it was named Eater Dallas’ Restaurant of The Year. Eater has reached out to Dodds for more intel on why the restaurant closed its doors — stay tuned for updates.