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Kitchen Employees At The Theodore Stage Walk-Out On ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

The restaurant says that the protest will not impact service

The Theodore
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

It hasn’t been as big a deal in Dallas as it has elsewhere, but restaurants across the country have closed their doors today in solidarity with “A Day Without Immigrants,” a labor strike intended to protest President Trump’s anti-immigrant policies.

This morning, employees at NorthPark Center’s The Theodore joined the strike by walking out on their shifts. A post to Turn The Tables Hospitality owner Christopher Zielke’s Facebook page hinted at the strike, and a spokesperson for the restaurant group tells Eater that “some kitchen staff” walked out of the restaurant as they prepared for service, but declined to comment more specifically on how many employees actually left work.

But it would appear that the walk-out has impacted service significantly. According to Turn The Tables communications director Jessica Hilla, Zielke himself is expediting food on the line today, while Hilla and fellow employee Nicole Chavez take over hosting duties.

Zielke said in a Facebook comment that the restaurant will serve its full menu for dinner tonight, and that he has no plans to close the restaurant either as part of the protest or because The Theodore will be understaffed today.