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Fat Chicken Brings Lots Of Poultry & A Roving Pie Cart To Trinity Groves

Is there really anything better than fried chicken and pie?

Just like mamma made it
Fat Chicken/Facebook

Dallasites love their chicken, but most restaurants in the metroplex focus on the obvious chicken of choice: fried. Trinity Groves’ newest concept is out to change that by serving all kinds of chicken all the time.

Announced via release, Fat Chicken has officially opened its doors at Trinity Groves. Chef DJ Quintailla of Resto Gastro Bistro, which shuttered to make way for the new restaurant, is in the kitchen serving up any kind of chicken your heart could desire. The poultry connoisseurs will be serving up everything from southern fried, oven roasted, and grilled chicken, plus pot pies and “chickarrones,” or deep fried chicken skins.

The eatery’s brand new interior, revamped from the former look at Resto Gastro Bistro, was built and decorated in a homey, cozy style. The comforting feel is driven home with yellow, red, and white checked tablecloths, rustic decor, and a “traditional farmhouse kitchen.” The restaurant even has a pie cart that will rove around the restaurant stocked with pies made daily from scratch.

Now that it has officially made its debut, the restaurant will be open to satisfy any and all chicken cravings during lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.