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Palapas Seafood Bar Heads To Richardson With Ceviche & Oysters In Tow

The popular Lower Greenville haunt looks north

Palapas Patio
Looking forward to an even bigger patio

Under a thatched roof on Greenville Avenue lives Palapas Seafood Bar, a place famous for its late hours, patio view of Greenville, and of course, delicious seafood with a Mexican twist. Now, the shellfish purveyor is opening up a new location further north in the metroplex.

CultureMap reports that the second outpost of Palapas Seafood Bar will make its debut in Richardson later this spring. The location is still under construction, but when it opens, it will host an even larger patio than the original location.

The menu will be the same as the Greenville location’s, featuring delicious bites inspired by the cuisine of Sinaloa, Mexico. The Mariscoco, a coconut seafood cocktail with your choice of octopus, shrimp, scallops, or a mix, is a dish particularly unique to Sinaloa and one of Palapas’ signature dishes.

Shrimp cocktails, red snapper, and more will be found off Campbell Road and US 75. No exact opening date yet, but expect the doors to open some time this March.