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The Thai Ice Cream Trend Will Soon Roll Through Carrollton

ICE NY comes to Dallas from New York via Thailand

Thai iced tea ice cream mixed with lychee!

The smashed or rolled ice cream trend hails from Thailand, where the craze began back in 2011. But soon enough, Carrollton residents will be able to experience it right in their own neighborhood.

I•CE•NY isn’t the first or even the second rolled ice cream spot to open up in Dallas, but this particular joint is part of a hugely popular franchise group coming straight from Thailand by way of New York City. I•CE•NY also provides a ton of options for designing your own rolled creation with seven base ice cream flavors, 20 mix-ins, and more than 32 toppings on offer.

The creation of this unique ice cream style involves a liquid sweet cream base poured over a frozen stainless steel chilling plate topped with fruit, candy and other add-ins. That mix is then crushed and spread thinly and frozen into a sheet. Finally, the ice cream is scraped by hand into curls called "fat rolls" that are arranged like a bouquet and topped with even more goodies, making each hand-made work of ice cream very instagrammable. That is, of course, if you can refrain from eating it long enough to snap a pic.

Franchise owners Ace and Linh, a teacher and trademark researcher respectively, were looking to shift gears from their day jobs and decided to go for something full of "pure joy." Considering that there’s literally nothing more joy-inducing than ice cream, it appears that this new duo of restaurateurs has found, ahem, their sweet spot.

I•CE•NY is expected to open in early April and will be located at 2625 Old Denton Rd., Suite 812 in Carrollton.