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Public School 972 Brings Beer & Bacon-Cheddar Tater Tots To Addison Next Month

This is the gastropub’s second DFW outpost

Public School 214
PS 214, the Uptown sister restaurant
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

For folks who appreciate the school-inspired aesthetic and cheap drinks at Public School 214 but live a little too far north to make it a regular spot, the arrival of the restaurant’s sister eatery is excellent news.

Representatives for Public School On Tap tell Eater that Public School 972 (or PS 972) will open its doors on Montfort Road in Addison next month. The restaurant describes itself as the “intersection between modern tastes and convivial fare,” which essentially translates to bar fare, comfort food, and a whole lot of cocktails.

Diners can look forward to dishes seen at PS 214, like bacon-cheddar topped tater tots, the Shorty Bowl (braised short rib, egg, and roasted tomatoes over mashed potatoes) alongside craft beers and cocktails.

Public School 972 is expected to make its debut on March 13, at which time you’ll no longer have to drive to Uptown to drink beer and doodle on those notebook paper cocktail napkins.