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Fried Pickle Sushi At Billy Bob’s Texas Is A Ranch And Cholula-Smothered Monstrosity

This roll is fusion at its most cringeworthy

Pickles + sushi = no
Billy Bob’s/Screengrab
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When one thinks of Billy Bob’s Texas, Fort Worth’s self-proclaimed world’s greatest honky tonk, Japanese cuisine probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But the bar’s new executive chef is perhaps hoping to shift that perception by serving up a brand new sushi offering that is, to say the least, terrifying.

A video posted to Billy Bob’s Facebook page announces the newest arrival to the menu at its Honky Tonk Kitchen: Cowboy Sushi. The roll, crafted by Chef Chris Fersch, starts off with pretty common sushi ingredients — rice, dried nori, chopped peppers, and avocado, but things really start to go off the rails when Fersch begins to add the Kitchen’s signature deep-fried pickle slices to the roll.

Scope out this video of the making of the Cowboy Sushi, and try not to cringe:

Billy Bob's Bites - Cowboy Sushi

Introducing Billy Bob's Bites! Today we're going to show you how to make Cowboy Sushi. Stop on by the Honky Tonk Kitchen this month to try this special before it rolls away.

Posted by Billy Bob's Texas on Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Texas-shaped serving board and obligatory piles of ginger & wasabi are a nice touch, but the drizzle of Cholula hot sauce and ranch on the roll is probably enough to send serious sushi enthusiasts into an unrelenting rage.